SoshDragon's Character Reference Sheet
This design is almost complete, but not finished yet and as such small alterations may be made while this banner still exists
Height: 208cm (6' 10")
Weight: 200kg (440lb)
Wing Span: 6.8m (22' 4")


Penis Length (Hard): 30cm (~12")
Penis Length (Soft): 13cm (5")

Version: 3.4
Main Body Colour
RGB: #963821
Pantone: 174C
All fine pitch scales, <2mm each
Mane, Membrane Colours
RGB: #E87722
Pantone: 158C
Thick double coat fur
Wing membranes translucent
Flesh Colour
RGB: #BE84A3
Pantone: 687C
Skin under scales colour
Inside of mouth
Cock foreskin
Secondary Flesh Colour
RGB: #893B67
Pantone: 689C
Tongue, muscle tissue
Anal passage
Eye Colour
RGB: #603D20
Pantone: 161C
Gosh heckie, a belly!